Picking a Window, Door and Glass Contractor

Shopping for an honest contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida can be a challenge. Here are some things to look for when shopping for a window, door, or glass contractor.

  • Make sure they are licensed contractors.
  • Ask for references.
  • A contractor should never ask you to obtain a permit.
  • If the job is over $2,500.00, a notice of commencement must be filed. The contractor should take care of this for you. Get everything in writing and make sure all changes are in writing also.
  • Ask for a certificate of insurance.
  • Never give a large deposit.
  • Wait for an inspection to give final payment.
  • Be leery of the contractor that must have an answer right away or who will discount if you sign a contract that day.

If you find a contractor you are comfortable with, but the price isn't right, let us know. A good contractor will work with you and try to come up with different options to fit your budget and needs.

Send us an email or call (561) 712-1498 today if you are looking for a trustworthy contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida.